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ceramics V-groove 

Ceramic V-Groove is dedicated to fiber optic welding machine.    Compared with silicon V-type grooves, it has better wear resistance and higher mechanical strength, and is not easy to wear and break during use and has a longer service life. Our company for customer needs, specializ-ing in the development of a black appearance of ceramic V-type Groove products, the product in the use of non-reflective, easy to observe online, has been widely recognized by customers, and accept customer customization.You can also specify colors for blue or customers.       

In addition to the widely used communication fiber in the field of optical communication, the more coarse-diameter energy fiber is also widely used in high-power laser transmission, which needs to be fused when the fiber harness is made, and our company can provide ceramic V-groove with larger opening width for a specific fiber optic welding machine with a larger diameter.

V-Groove Bottom opening angle is generally 60 degrees, 90 degrees, the bottom opening wid-th of up to 300 microns, the upper opening width is not limited. If there is a special request, it may be made separately.

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