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2D Fiber Array 

  With the advent of 5G, the demand for high-speed, high-density fiber transmission is becoming more and more urgent. It will become inevitable to expand one-dimensional fiber array into 2D fiber array (2D Fiber Array, fiber surface array, 2D fiber array).

         The 2D fiber array is coupled with the laser, and the multi-channel laser can be arranged intensively and miniaturized through the 2D fiber array to realize laser face array transmission.

        The fiber optic array is coupled to the detector to achieve the requirement of replacing expensive area array detectors or splicing into large area array detectors with small array detectors.

        Our company has introduced a high-precision fiber optic array based on customer needs, and the arrangement period in the X-axis and Y-axis directions can be adjusted according to customer needs.

    Application: Optical coupling, data transmission, detecting scanning

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