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Fiber Array
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2D fiber array
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Fiber Array 

The product intensively arrays the multiple laser diodes, to fulfill the requirement of collecting laser energy, shortening the laser spread length, and improving the laser positioning accura-cy.A plurality of  fibers are precisely arranged inside the fiber array module, and the multiple lasers can be integrated through the  fiber array module and the lens at a certain interval. The integrated laser optical axes are parallel, the spot is uniform, and the energy is similar. Throu-gh the control of the computer, the state of multiple lasers can be simultaneously operated, and the processes of plate making, welding, engraving and detection are realized efficiently and perfectly.

Application: laser CTP, laser engraving, laser caving. It can be used together with the CTP machine, blue-ray laser engraver, and laser caving machine.

Character istics: high positioning accuracy, high uniformity of light intensity, high uniformity of spot size


Spacing: 0.05-3mm
Number of channels: 16-2000
Fiber Type: 50/125 um
Fiber length: 1000 mm
Fiber connector: FC, ST, SC
Fiber spacing: 81um, 127 um
Fiber spacing deviation: less than 2 um
Light transmittance: greater than 90%

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