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2D Fiber Array
Fiber Array
2D PM Fiber Array
Thermostable fiber array
fiber-coupling laser
High Speed Light Leakage Detector
Remote Precise Displacement Detector
High Temperature Resistant Fiber Probe
Transmission immersion fiber probe
fiber probe
Fiber Array With  Curved Surfaces
silicon V-groove
ceramics V-groove
capillary array
fiber close-packed array
fiber bundles for transmitting pictures
Silicon V-groove Chips
2D Fiber  Arrays
Capillary  Array
 polarization maintaining fiber array
grin lens array
fiber bundled module
fiber array with curved surface
2D fiber array
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Silicon V-groove Chips 

    Optical fiber positioning silicon wafer is fabricated by photoetching The v-grooves can achieve the characteristics of smooth sidewalls, straight lines, precise spacing pitch, no accumulative error compared wi th mechani cal processing.

Silicon V-groove chips

Positioning accuracy at 0.5um.Used it make fiber array

Silicon Slit Array

Uniform slit For slit imaging DNA sequencer

Precision limit film

Limiting accuracy±1um,Optical grade flatness,smoothness.Precise alignmentfor devices 

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