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High-Speed Laser Detector 


The High-Speed Laser Detector equipped with the avalanche photodiode detector, is a high-speed, high-bandwidth detector. It is very compact and user friendly. Users are able to carry out on-line detection of the laser from visible to near-infrared bands (400-1700 nm) by simply hand-holding the detector. The response time is 0.35ns. It can be used for fast optical signal related testing or measurement, including data communication, analog microwave and general high-speed photonics study, etc. When equipped with our fiber probe, the on-line measurement for narrow space, high temperature area and EMI area can be carried out.

带宽 Bandwidth:

1GHz (-3dB)

峰值波长 Peak 



峰值响应 Peak 


50AW (M=100, 800nm)

上升时间 Risetime:

0.35ns (M=100, 905nm, RL=50)

最大峰值功率 Peak 



暗电流 Dark Current:

0.5nA (M=100)

光纤耦合方式 Fiber Coupling:


供电方式 Power Supply Mode:


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