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2D Fiber Array
Fiber Array
2D PM Fiber Array
Smile Effect Fiber Array (Curved Surface Fiber Array)
Thermostable fiber array
2D High-Speed Detector Array
High-Speed Laser Detector
Transmission immersion fiber probe
Fiber Sound Detector
Capillary  Array
Remote Precise Displacement Detector
Fiber Positioning Silicon Wafer
Fiber Positioning V-Groove Chip
Slit Array
Precision Limit Wafer
fiber-coupling laser
High Speed Light Leakage Detector
High Temperature Resistant Fiber Probe
fiber probe
Fiber Array With  Curved Surfaces
silicon V-groove
ceramics V-groove
capillary array
fiber close-packed array
fiber bundles for transmitting pictures
2D Fiber  Arrays
 polarization maintaining fiber array
grin lens array
fiber bundled module
2D fiber array
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Expert for fiber array---Focus on the production of customized fiber array

Beijing Reful Co., Ltd. is expert in micro fabrication and precision man-ufacturing. It has owned many patented technologies and a number of experiences of micro fabrication on silicon and ceramics and precision manufacturing on carbide alloy for many years. It developed fiber array, fiber bundles and capillary array devices to transmit information, energy and liquid. The company’s products are used in various fields including fiber communication, industrial laser, optical fiber sensing, etc.

Remote Precise Displacement Detector 


2D Fiber array

silicon V-groove

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