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2D High-Speed Detector Array 


Based on our high accuracy 2D Fiber Array, we provide you with 2D High-Speed Detector Array. It supports precise positioning, allowing two-dimensional detection for the target, and output precise positioning information. It can be used for detecting, monitoring and imaging of high-speed moving object and high-speed reaction process.

The product separates the probe from the electric control module of the 2D Fiber Array. The probe is compact, radiation-resistant, anti-EMI, and high & low temperature-resistant. It has incomparable advantage for the detection in narrow space in the extreme environment.

The product has equipped with bias power supply and transimpedance amplifier (preamplifier). With special requirement, main amplifier and waveform identification etc. function can also be added. 

波长范围 Wavelength:


带宽 Bandwidth:

1GHz (-3dB)

峰值波长 Peak



峰值响应 Peak


50AW (M=100, 800nm)

上升时间 Risetime:

0.35ns (M=100, 905nm, RL=50)

最大峰值功率 Peak



暗电流 Dark Current:

0.5nA (M=100)

光纤耦合方式 Fiber



供电方式 Power Supply Mode:


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