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Single Mode Fiber Array 

     Single-mode Fiber Arrays are widely used in communications, optical sensors, medical devices and scientific instruments to efficiently transmit signals across and between connected optical devices. Our single-mode Fiber Array is a product designed for high-precision applications. It covers a wavelength range from 320nm to 2200nm and is suitable for a variety of optical applications. Moreover, this single-mode fiber array is highly accurate, with a linear array fiber alignment accuracy of ±0.3um, which is especially suitable for small-mode field fiber arrays. The use of our single-mode fiber arrays can greatly reduce the losses in optical waveguide devices and optical coupling alignment, enabling more accurate optical measurement and transmission.


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Product parameter














Fiber arrangement shape





Pitch of line Fiber array






Pitch of 2D Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Number of Fiber array



Dark Fiber Rate ≤ 1%,           

Accuracy ± 3um


Number of Fiber array



Dark fiber ratio 0,                   

Accuracy ± 1um

Array end service temperature without vacuum requirement




Operating temperature of array end with vacuum requirement





Air leakage rate




Vibration resistance frequency range





Three-directional sine


Optical axis parallelism





Fiber array grinding angle







                       Product shooting



320nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:320~430nm

Mode field diameter:2.4μm


405nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:400~680nm

Mode field diameter:3.3μm


450nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:450~680nm

Mode field diameter:3.5μm


630nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:680~86nm

Mode field diameter:4.2μm


780nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:780~970nm

Mode field diameter:5μm


980nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:980~1550nm

Mode field diameter:6.6μm


1550nm Single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:1440~1600nm

Mode field diameter:10.1μm


Large NA single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:1100~1600nm

Mode field diameter:4.8μm


Large NA single mode fiber array

Applicable wavelength:900~1600nm

Mode field diameter:4.1μm


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