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Fiber Bundles for Transmitting Pictures 

     Fiber Bundles for Transmitting Pictures is a passive device that can be bent at will to transmit- images, consisting of multiple optical fibers arranged in a regular bundle, each fiber is an image element, able to transmit information independently, no crosstalk between each other, compared with traditional optical imaging devices, has the advantages of light weight, easy to use, easy to carry, thus in the medical, military, aerospace, scientific research and other fields have applications, especially its radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference, in some special applications are irreplaceable.


Fiber Bundles for Transmitting Pictures to find Reful
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                   Product parameters

Product parameters

Technical specifications

Product parameters

Technical specifications




Square, hexagonal, round


Fiber diameter




Fiber material




Overall transmittance




Probe temperature resistance




Minimum bending





Fiber length




Beam transfer pattern




Applicable bands




Optical fiber numerical aperture



Broken fiber, dark

fiber rate






14Line Pairs/mm


Device radiation resistance




Air leakage degree



Vibration resistant

frequency range 



Three-way sine15.8g  


Electromagnetic interference



Product characteristics 
Light conduction
Selection of high quality infrared fiber production, near infrared to mid-infrared have excellent light performance.
Energy transfer
High quality end grinding for high power infrared transmission escort.
Image transmission
Flexible structure, through the harsh conditions, see the human eye can not see, see the human eye can not reach.
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