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Curved Surface Fiber Array 

      With the rapid development of WSS (Wavelength Selective Switching) technology, it is necessary to arrange optical fibers in a parabolic pattern according to the spectral height of different wavelengths to achieve the function of wavelength selection. To cope with the development of the new chip, our company has launched this curved fiber array product arranged in parabolic shape. Its unique structural design and submicron alignment accuracy can help users easily obtain the maximum energy and accurate spectral calibration data for each specific wavelength to complete the spectral reconstruction. In addition, it can be used for fiber coupling of high-power semiconductor laser arrays and can correct for the smile effect caused by thermal stress. Our curved fiber array products can perfectly meet the needs of users and provide strong support for the development of new chips and research in the field of optoelectronics.

Curved Surface Fiber Array to find Reful
    Complete          variety 
     Reliable            quality
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On time
Product parameter
Model number
Arbitrary curve
Type of fiber
Single mode, multi mode, bias protection
Fiber center distance
Insertion loss
Return loss
Applicable band
Product parameter
High precision
High precision positioning of substrate
With lithography technology and chip technology, high precision, arbitrary curve optical fiber array positioning substrate is built.
High precision substrate, array accuracy can be high.
Quality stability 
Aerospace quality is stable and reliable
500 high and low temperature cycles, 2000 hours of double 85 test, to create aerospace grade stable products.
Professional team customization worry-free
20 years of professional manufacturing experience, exclusive customized services, one stop worry-free procurement.
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