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Fiber Array for CTP 

     Our company produces special fiber optic array for blue light screen making and CTP, which can be matched with many blue light screen making and CTP models. The product has the advantages of high precision of light spot arrangement, good spot consistency and uniform energy, the product is stable, vibration resistant, high temperature resistant, long service life, the product warranty period of 1 year, lifetime maintenance, is the first choice of CTP manufacturers, repairers of fiber optic array products.

    Use: Laser plate making, screen making, engraving. Can be used with CTP plate making machine, blue light screen making machine, laser engraving machine, PCB direct writing machine.

 Fiber Array for CTP to find Reful
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                     Product parameter


 Applicable wavelength(nm)




Fiber alignment period(mm)




X-axis alignment accuracy(mm)




Y-axis alignment precision(mm)




 Pass rate(%)




Fiber length(m)




Connector type




Casing diameter(mm)



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