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High-end fiber array  choose  Reful

    Reful is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of fiber optic arrays. The registered capital is 11 million RMB.

    Our fiber optic array products are processed by our own research and development of high precision "silicon based positioning substrate". The products have the advantages of high precision, good consistency and no cumulative error. Each optical axis in the X and Y directions can ensure good parallelism and perpendicularity; there is no crossover and crosstalk between optical paths; while transmitting energy, it can accurately provide the position information of each optical path.

    Due to the production process of high-end chips, our fiber optic array products are not limited by the thickness and arrangement shape of the fiber. The fiber can be as thin as 25um, and the arrangement shape can be the traditional one-character, square, round, even parabolic, metric, random. The products cover one-dimensional line array, two-dimensional surface array, three-dimensional spherical fiber array.

    The products can be used in high pressure, high vacuum, high temperature, ultra-low temperature and other vicious conditions, with good environmental adaptability, the products are widely used in communications, measurement, imaging, printing, welding and other fields. 

     Our company can also provide customization and development of the full line of products such as lenses, array light sources and array detectors required for fiber optic arrays to meet the different needs of customers.


    Reful  is determined to explore denser, more accurate, faster and stronger transmission in the field of optical transmission, and to provide more convenient transmission devices for the purpose of aiming at every user who wants to achieve high precision, high density and high speed optical transmission function!


        Contact:Ms. Ren  
        Tel:          13311581686
        E-mail:     rhht@bjreful.com
        Website:  http://www.bjreful.com/
        Address:  Ma Fenggang, Qingyundian Town, Daxing District, Beijing


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