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2D PM Fiber Array 

      Polarization-preserving fiber arrays are an important component in interferometric fiber sensors based on optical coherence detection.

     Our polarization-preserving fiber arrays are divided into two series: one-dimensional linear array and two-dimensional surface array. These two series are made of silicon-based aperture plates, which are characterized by high alignment accuracy and no cumulative error, and can transmit the polarization-preserving signal in the surface array. On the premise of high throughput, high density and high precision transmission, the polarization state of light will not change during the transmission of light waves, which reduces the interference of light transmission, improves the coherent signal mania ratio and stability, and realizes the high precision measurement of physical quantities. 

     It is mainly used in optical fiber sensors, communication systems, test instruments and other fields.

2D PM Fiber Array to find Reful
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                     Product parameters


Arrangement mode


Arbitrary shape


Min-permutation period




Diameter of fiber




Fiber Type


PM fiber


Pitch error




Core position error




Accumulative error




Numerical Aperture












Return Loss




Insertion Loss




Axis Alignment style


Slow axis alignment


Axis accuracy


















  Product characteristics
Precision High
High precision positioning substrate
We use photolithography and chip process to create high precision positioning substrate.
The substrate precision is high so that the array precision can be high.
Alignment Quasi-axis
Artisan to Axis
Tune out the core level, tune out the core height
Precise axis adjustment, with craftsmanship to adjust each axis, constantly challenge the core level, core height.
Quality Stability
Aerospace quality, stable and reliable
500 high and low temperature cycles, 2000 hours.
Double 85 tests to create aerospace grade stable products.
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