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2D Fiber Coupling Laser Array 

     Our Fiber-coupled Array light source is a collection of multiple single light sources together, and the function of lighting up and turning off any number of lasers at the same time is realized through circuit control. It is used in conjunction with our 2D fiber array, which can collect many lasers in a very small area to achieve the function of arraying and densitizing the optical path. With the high-precision spatial positioning function of the fiber array, this light source can also realize the precise positioning of all light paths. Laser type, number, and alignment period can be customized. It is suitable for array punching, array illumination, structured light 3D imaging, LIDAR light source and other application scenarios.


2D Fiber Coupling Laser Array to find Reful
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                      Product parameter




           Type or data

Laser parameter


Wavelength range


Line width


Laser power


Threshold current


Working current


Laser operating mode CW
Number of light sources 144
Optical fiber parameter  
Optical fiber type 50/125 NA0.22
Optical fiber arrangement Equidistant square
Optical fiber arrangement spacing 150um*150um
Alignment accuracy ±1um
Number of fiber permutations 12*12
Dimensions of the optical fiber array protection box 30mm*10mm*46mm
Optical fiber connector FC/PC
Fiber length 1m
Circuit control parameter  
Switch control mode TTL
Switching frequency 20kHz(Largest)
Protection mode

Slow start, over voltage and

over current protection

Power supply AC220V,50Hz
Service temperature -40℃/+85℃
Products characteristics
Optical path arraying
Turning zero into whole by integrating multiple single-route semiconductor lasers together through fiber arrays to realize optical path arrays

Location information accuracy
High positioning accuracy

The front end of the array light source is equipped with a high-precision 2D fiber optic array, which can arrange the light path in a surface array and output high-precision light source position information.

Small space
Suitable for small space detection

Light source array probe and electronic control part of the separation, the probe has a small size, anti-radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference, the advantages of high and low temperature resistance. To the harsh environment of the narrow space detection has a unique advantage.

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