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2D High-Speed PIN Detector Array 

    Combined with the high precision 2D fiber optic array, our company introduces the 2D High speed Detector Array. The product has accurate positioning function, which can detect the object in the surface array and output high precision position information. It is suitable for the detection, monitoring and imaging of high-speed moving objects and high-speed reaction processes.

    The product will be separated from the 2D fiber array probe and the electronic control part, the probe has the advantages of compact size, anti-radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference, high and low temperature resistance. It has a unique advantage for detection under harsh environmental conditions in small spaces.

    The product can also provide bias power and transimpedance amplifier (preamplifier), and according to demand, equipped with the main amplifier, waveform discrimination and other circuits.


  2D High-speed PIN Detector Array to find Reful 
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Product parameter


Detector array technical parameters
 Wavelength 800-1700nm
 Active diameter: 0.3mmOr optional
 Responsivity 0.9A/W (λ=1550nm)
 Response time 0.8ns
 Dark Current: 20pA
 Junction capacitance: 900pF
 Reverse breakdown voltage: 30V
 Saturated opticalPower: 5mW
 Fiber Coupling: FC/PC

Product characteristics
High sensitivity
Low dark current, high response, and higher detection sensitivity. Suitable for laser ranging of high-speed moving objects, free-space optical communication, infrared online monitoring, imaging and other applications.

High positioning accuracy

The front end of the detector is equipped with a high-precision 2D fiber optic array, which can detect the surface array of the object and output high-precision position information.

Suitable for small spaces

Fiber optic array probe and electronic control part of the separation, the probe has a small size, anti-radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference, the advantages of high and low temperature resistance. To the harsh environment of the narrow space detection has a unique advantage.


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