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Thermostable Fiber Array 

    Thermostable Fiber Array is encapsulated with nanoscale inorganic adhesive technology, and the overall device can withstand high temperatures up to 250°C. The array end face can even withstand temperatures up to 800°C, making it not only maintain the usual high precision arrangement of Reful high-end fiber optic arrays, but also have excellent temperature resistance. This product can help users to complete the data acquisition with location information in high temperature environments, and can be accurate and highly dense energy transmission in high temperature environments. Its compact size and high density energy transfer capability are a great advantage in small and harsh environments.

     Our high-temperature resistant fiber optic arrays can meet the needs of high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-vacuum environments, providing high-performance optical transmission solutions for industrial and military applications.

Thermostable Fiber Array to find Reful
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Product parameter













Fiber arrangement shape


Any shape



Pitch of line Fiber array






Pitch of 2D Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Number of Fiber array




Dark Fiber Rate ≤ 1%,


Number of Fiber array




0, Dark fiber ratio 0,

Array end service temperature without vacuum





Operating temperature of array end with vacuum






Air leakage rate





Vibration resistance frequency range 0-2000(Hz)


15.8g grms


Three-directional sine

Product characteristics
 Inorganic     glue
Self-developed high temperature resistant inorganic glue
Self-developed high temperature resistant inorganic glue
Laser welding
Laser welding is stable and reliable
High temperature interface adopts coaxial laser welding, firm and reliable. Has passed high and low temperature cycle, vibration impact test. To build aerospace grade stable products.
Heatdissipation treatment
Adopt good heat dissipation material to control temperature rise stably


Good cooling material, unique structural design, stable control of fiber end temperature rise, so that the fiber array can receive 100W continuous laser energy.
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