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Thermostable Fiber Bundles 

  Thermostable Fiber Bundles has the characteristics of small probe diameter and high temperature resistance. Its shell adopts laser welding technology, and the shell does not deform or fall off under high temperature. Its internal use of our self-developed nanometer inorganic adhesive for packaging, so that the front part of the probe can withstand high temperatures of 800 ℃. It is especially suitable for completing high temperature detection or laser welding in a narrow space.

    If equipped with our company's specially developed vacuum feedthrough device for high temperature fiber optic probes, the probe can work in a vacuum environment.

Thermostable Fiber Bundles to find Reful
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Product parameter










Fiber material





Fiber arrangement shape





Fiber diameter





Length of Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Luminous diameter




Dark Fiber Rate ≤ 1%,


Duty cycle




Array end service temperature without

vacuum    requirement




Operating temperature of array end with

vacuum    requirement





Air leakage rate




Vibration resistance frequency range



15.8 grms


Three-directional sine


Product characteristics
Inorganic glue
Self-developed high temperature resistant inorganic glue
Using self-developed nano inorganic glue, no gas volatilization, temperature resistance up to 800℃.
Laser welding
Laser welding is stable and reliable
High temperature interface adopts coaxial laser welding, firm and reliable. Has passed high and low temperature cycle, vibration impact test. To build aerospace grade stable products.
Slim and small
Maximum probe diameter 1mm
 Made with a 1mm diameter casing, the   probe is slim and flexible, especially   suitable for working in tight Spaces.
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