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2D Fiber Array 

     With the arrival of 5G, the need for high-speed, high-density fiber optic transmission is becoming more and more urgent. Upgrading a one-dimensional fiber array to a two-dimensional fiber array (2D Fiber Array, Fiber Face Array, 2-D Fiber Array) allows users to accommodate more fibers in the same space, thus achieving higher density signal transmission.

     2D fiber array coupled with laser, can be multiple laser through the 2D fiber array dense, precise, miniaturized arrangement, so as to achieve the laser surface array transmission.

     Fiber optic surface array coupled with detector can realize the need of replacing expensive surface array detector or forming dense and miniaturized surface array detector by passing single detector through 2D fiber array.

     According to the customer's demand, our company has introduced high precision fiber optic surface array with a period accuracy better than 1um, and the arrangement period in both X-axis and Y-axis directions can be adjusted according to the customer's needs. The alignment period in both X-axis and Y-axis directions can be adjusted according to customer needs.

     Mainly used for: optical coupling, data transmission, detection scanning.


High-end Fiber Array to find  Reful
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    Product parameter 











Power of fingl fiber





Fiber arrangement shape





Pitch of line Fiber array






Pitch of 2D Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Length of Fiber array






Number of Fiber array



Dark Fiber Rate ≤ 1%,            Accuracy ± 3um


Number of Fiber array



Dark fiber ratio 0,                  Accuracy ± 1um


Array end service temperature without vacuum requirement





Operating temperature of array end with vacuum requirement





Air leakage rate





Vibration resistance frequency range        0-2000(Hz)





Three-directional sine


Optical axis parallelism





Fiber array grinding angle







Product characteristics
High precision
High precision positioning of substrate
We specialize in creating high-precision positioning substrates with photolithography and chip technology.
The substrate precision is high so that the array precision can be high.
Quality stability 


Aerospace quality is stable and reliable
500 high and low temperature cycles, 2000 hours of double 85 test, to create aerospace grade stable products.
Team  specialization 
Professional team customization worry-free
20 years of manufacturing experience, exclusive custom service, one stop worry-free procurement.
Product shooting 

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